Top 10 facts about foxes

Foxes are fascinating creatures, there's nothing quite like them in the UK. Well known for their intelligence and resourcefulness, these wonderful animals live across the UK in both urban and rural areas.

1. They can live up to 14 years.

Foxes can live up to 14 years naturally. In the wild, foxes usually only live up to 4 years due to the difficulty of living in the wild; foxes are often targeted by hunters due to misconceptions about their dangers to livestock, but despite this populations generally continue to thrive across the UK.

2. Their scientific name is 'Vulpes Vulpes'.

Which directly translates from Latin to 'foxes foxes'. However 'Vulpes' actually refers to a genus of 'caninae' or canines.

3. Females are called vixens while males are call dogs.

While animal behavioural experts can determine the sex of a fox by observing behaviour and build, there's actually no easy way to tell the difference between a vixen and a dog. 

4. Foxes are solitary animals.

Unlike some of their extended family such as wolves, coyotes and wild dogs; foxes are solitary, meaning they don't form packs. When they come together to breed in a“leash” or a “skulk”, foxes form strong bonds with their partners, and usually mate every year in the winter months with the same partner.

5. They have amazing hearing.

Foxes have fantastic hearing to help them detect their prey and possible threats, it has been reported that foxes can hear a wristwatch ticking up to 40 meters away.

6. They have a sixth sense.

It has been suggested in research that foxes have whats known as geo-magnetic vision, meaning they can see their magnetic orientation. They can use this to assist them in hunting, and lining up on prey.

7. They hide food.

Foxes hide and store food for consumption later, because of this they are often blamed for being destructive creatures, because given the opportunity they will kill multiple animals in one attack, taking one at a time back to their hiding spot.

8. They're fast, really fast!

Some foxes can run up to 45 miles per hour, making them some of the fastest creatures in the world. This helps them with catching their prey, and avoiding danger.

9. The fox actually says quite a lot.

There is at least 40 different voice calls that foxes use to communicate, but they're well known for their scream, don't worry their usually not trapped and in pain, they're just... busy.

10. Foxes are omnivorous.

They can eat anything from berries and bugs to rats and chickens. When they're desperate for food they have no issues getting resourceful and having a cheeky look through your rubbish bins. Foxes that live near they sea have even been known to indulge in a sea food dinner!

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