The effect of the pandemic on wildlife.

The amount of greenhouse gases and pollution has plummeted across the world. With flights cancelled and most people staying at home, wildlife has returned to cities and town across the world; boars in Barcelona, clear waters in Venice, these event only highlight the effects of humans on wildlife. 

But unfortunately, not everything is good news. According to a report by Reuters, a tiger in New York's Bronx Zoo has tested positive for Covid-19, but is expected to make a full recovery. Many animals in captivity have been missing human interaction according to The Guardian, with animals still showing up to their usual 'meet and greet' appointments without prompt.

What's been the effect on wildlife in the UK?

Rare wildlife has been appearing across UK, and moving into areas they've not been seen in decades. From the waterways to castle ruins, wildlife seems to be thriving- but with it bringing unwanted attention from poachers and illegal hunting.

With populations seemingly on the rise, wildlife venturing into areas they were previously less likely to occupy, and most people staying at home and away from areas wildlife occupy, concerns have been raised over their safety.

A spokesperson from Herts Wildlife Monitors said that "There has been a surge in persecution to wildlife during the lock down. Maybe this is due to a lack of people being out and about, maybe it's due to the persecutors being bored; we have no idea. We have seen numerous stories emerging from all over the UK where swans have been targeted; the majority having been shot by air rifles but badgers have also been targeted and we have seen a large increase in wildlife being poisoned."


Multiple reports of birds being shot with BB and air guns have been reported nation wide, with five protected birds having been shot within a ten day period in late April. It would appear that wildlife persecution was on the rise, with those choosing to commit crimes favouring less witnesses and having more time and boredom.

This don't seem to just apply to individual cases either, organisations seem to be using the pandemic to further their activities, with The Hunting Office giving the green light to hunting amid the pandemic, as mentioned in our previous article, it is likely they will use the same lack of witnesses to carry out crimes.

What you can do to help.

The CCW actively investigates wildlife persecution, providing much needed evidence as well as emergency care to animals where needed. We're in need of donations to help us purchase the necessary equipment to allow our experts and volunteers to provide the best help we can. Please help us by donating where possible, and sharing this article.


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