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Leaked hunting webinar exposes possible criminal conspiracy at highest level.

A private zoom seminar, supposedly for training hunt masters, was filmed and leaked by the HSA. The video allegedly shows the Master of the Foxhounds association (MFHA) chairman Lord Benjamin Mancroft, MFHA Mark Hankinson, Richard Tyacke director of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB aka the hunting office), Phil Davies Countryside Alliance Police Liaison and more all openly discussing "smokescreens" and methods to dodge the law.  Notably, many of the members providing this "training" are retired police and Tory peers. In the meeting they brazenly discuss Hunt Saboteurs and hunt protestors, as well as groups monitoring and collecting evidence. They discuss when and what to record and what not to record, using legal loopholes to disguise illegal...

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Scottish shooting lobby confirms mass shooting of mountain hares will go ahead next week

A last month we published an article welcoming the changes in Scottish wildlife law that banned the unlicenced killing of mountain hares. Although these new laws passed in Scottish Parliament, they have yet to come into force. The shooting lobby has confirmed that a mass killing of mountain hares will go ahead next week. Gamekeepers have stated that the changes in law were a mistake. They argue that a self-proclaimed cull of the population will increase the population of red grouse. However, research conducted by Glasgow university, and the Macaulay Institute found that there was "no compelling evidence base to suggest culling mountain hares might increase red grouse densities". Scottish Green Party politician Alison Johnstone has said that "with the shooting...

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A good day for Scottish wildlife - Massive changes in Scottish wildlife laws

On Wednesday the 17th of June, Holyrood voted in new amendments and changes to wildlife laws, with strengthened protections for seals, birds of prey and mountain hares bringing and end to illegal persecution. Mountain Hares The new laws will prevent the unlicensed killing of mountain hares. Previously legal, mountain hares have been persecuted on the rolling hillsides of the grouse moors for years. Shooters have been filmed killing tens, sometimes hundreds of hares at a time, disseminating entire populations in a day of shooting. Scottish parliament previously had called for shooters to practice "voluntary restraint" when shooting the hares, however video footage suggests otherwise. The reasoning behind the killings of these hares, was population reduction, a self-proclaimed cull of the...

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