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Leaked hunting webinar exposes possible criminal conspiracy at highest level.

A private zoom seminar, supposedly for training hunt masters, was filmed and leaked by the HSA. The video allegedly shows the Master of the Foxhounds association (MFHA) chairman Lord Benjamin Mancroft, MFHA Mark Hankinson, Richard Tyacke director of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB aka the hunting office), Phil Davies Countryside Alliance Police Liaison and more all openly discussing "smokescreens" and methods to dodge the law.  Notably, many of the members providing this "training" are retired police and Tory peers. In the meeting they brazenly discuss Hunt Saboteurs and hunt protestors, as well as groups monitoring and collecting evidence. They discuss when and what to record and what not to record, using legal loopholes to disguise illegal...

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Top 10 facts about foxes

Foxes are fascinating creatures, there's nothing quite like them in the UK. Well known for their intelligence and resourcefulness, these wonderful animals live across the UK in both urban and rural areas. 1. They can live up to 14 years. Foxes can live up to 14 years naturally. In the wild, foxes usually only live up to 4 years due to the difficulty of living in the wild; foxes are often targeted by hunters due to misconceptions about their dangers to livestock, but despite this populations generally continue to thrive across the UK. 2. Their scientific name is 'Vulpes Vulpes'. Which directly translates from Latin to 'foxes foxes'. However 'Vulpes' actually refers to a genus of 'caninae' or canines. 3....

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