How you can help wildlife in your own garden.

Wildlife can be amazing for us to watch; birds, small creatures, and insects are all part of an brilliant ecosystem. Helping wildlife doesn't have to be a one-way task, you can make your garden a safe space for wildlife and enjoy their company just as much as they'll enjoy your garden!

Provide food and water

It doesn't have to be a fancy feeder or a nicely sculpted bird bath, you could leave out some bread crusts or seeds for birds, squirrels tend to prefer nuts. To provide some water for your new friends, a shallow plate or tub of water will do nicely - just make sure it will be easy enough to get in and out of for the little creatures.

Plants, plants, plants

We all know that flowers attract bees, butterflys and insects to your garden, these little insects are increadably important for the germination of all sorts of plants, including crops; without insects we wouldn't have food!

Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are important for providing shelter to animals such as small birds from other birds of prey, they also provide safe nesting spots for birds.

During hotter days all sorts of animals will take shelter under them to keep cool, this is a good spot to place water.

Let them come and go

Animals can't enjoy your garden with you if they can't get in! Make little holes in your fences for hedgehogs and rabbits to get through. If you have a wire fence, add a little piping to protect the animals from getting caught up.

If you haven't heard about it already, check out the hedgehog highway project, they have a lot of useful information about letting animals into your garden.

Don't get rid of your dead wood!

Logs can be a brilliant place for wildlife. Natural habitats are on the decline, so making a safe space for some wildlife to hibernate. It will also provide a nice place for beetles louse, and other little critters to live, which is essential for feeding larger wildlife.



Add bug hotels

You can get some fairly cheap pre-made ones, or there's a bunch of tutorials online to make ones yourself which could prove to be a fun activity for all the family. Hang them on your walls, fence or trees to encourage more biodiversity in your garden.

Got any more tips?

Comment below on your ideas to courage wildlife in your back garden!

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