How we plan to protect wildlife pt1: Crime

Our mission is to protect and defend wildlife from crime, climate change and other human factors. We're developing the best strategies to best achieve our goals down each avenue; our first target is crime. Wildlife crime plagues Cambridgeshire and the UK, animals are persecuted on a daily basis by illegal hunting, fly-tipping, poaching and land use. We've carefully constructed plans to help us in the battle against these crimes. We feel that with your support, our teams will be able to make a major effective difference in the welfare of animals living in Cambridgeshire and beyond. 

Gather evidence.

Who, what, when, where.

Our teams will work to gather valuable evidence against perpetrators, using technology, expertise and experience to catch suspects. We'll be using drones with thermal and RGB sensors to record video evidence of crimes being committed, as well as teams on the ground equipped with cameras and the knowledge of what to look out for. These teams will give the gathered evidence to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and provide their knowledge to assist in prosecution.

Investigating perpetrators.

Catching the criminals in the act is only the beginning. We'll be using the same tactics used to investigate those involved in organised crime to investigate illegal wildlife crimes, at this stage we'll focus our efforts to construct an accurate picture of the organisational structures inside these criminal groups; this will give us the necessary information to figure out whos calling the shots, and where to focus. All findings will be turned over the the police and CPS.

Protecting the animals.

After we're made aware of crimes being committed in a certain area, we'll put resources into protecting those animals, through the use of our teams, we'll carry out welfare checks on the animals in the area. We'll set up remotely monitored sensors to alert us to any illegal interference with the animals. If the animals have been interfered with, we'll provide any necessary veterinary treatment and turn any evidence of interference over the the police and CPS. 

We need your help.

Doing all of this requires resources, time and expertise. We won't be able to do it without your help. We are a new organization consisting of experienced team members with years of experience working with wildlife. We're in need of any donations possible to get all our plans going. We're desperately in need of equipment such as advanced animal first aid kits (AFAKs), radios, flashlights, binoculars, cameras, drones, maps, first aid kits, emergency intervention equipment, PPE and uniforms.

Any donation, no matter what the size will help us move forward with our plans, and start making a huge difference to the welfare of wildlife in Cambridgeshire and beyond, please help us by donating what you can. Thank you.

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