Epping forest left covered in litter after late night mass gatherings

Large groups had been seen gathering near High Beech on Friday, the 27th of June. Residents had said they had been left feeling disgusted by the mess that was seemingly left behind by people attending and illegal party arranged in the area.

Essex live had reported that "Staff and volunteers from City of London Epping Forest spent more than two-and-a-half hours clearing up the area with dozens of bags of rubbish filled to the brim with waste."

Police have placed a dispersal order in the area after they were informed of further planned mass gatherings over the weekend.

The mess included the remnants of empty beer crates, cans and bottles, as well as metal canisters.

Broken glass, torn metal shards and the chemicals used on boxes can all pose serious threats to wildlife and animals. We've already seen countless reports of all sorts of animals consuming plastic, cigarette butts and other man-made materials that gets stuck in animals guts, killing them.


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