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Polar bears and the decline of the Arctic

Polar Bears are running out of time. As the Climate Crisis worsens, a scientific study has predicted that by 2100 the species could be gone forever.  The shrinking of Arctic sea ice is already causing populations to struggle and decline as they rely on it for seal hunting, and are now being forced to travel further and further in search of food.  Dr Peter Molnar of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada says that Polar bears have become the “Poster child of climate change” and that they “are already sitting at the top of the world; if the ice goes, they have no place to go" Polar Bears are already listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ by the IUCN, with...

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Scottish shooting lobby confirms mass shooting of mountain hares will go ahead next week

A last month we published an article welcoming the changes in Scottish wildlife law that banned the unlicenced killing of mountain hares. Although these new laws passed in Scottish Parliament, they have yet to come into force. The shooting lobby has confirmed that a mass killing of mountain hares will go ahead next week. Gamekeepers have stated that the changes in law were a mistake. They argue that a self-proclaimed cull of the population will increase the population of red grouse. However, research conducted by Glasgow university, and the Macaulay Institute found that there was "no compelling evidence base to suggest culling mountain hares might increase red grouse densities". Scottish Green Party politician Alison Johnstone has said that "with the shooting...

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Two charged over fox killing in Yorkshire

Christopher Richardson and Charles Clark have been charged under the 2004 Hunting Act for allegedly allowing their pack of hunting hounds to chase and kill a fox in East Yorkshire. The charges have come after a police investigation in January relating to a hunting meet on New Year's Eve in 2019. At the time Humberside Police said that "enquiries are being carried out after a report was received from a member of the public that a fox had been killed by dogs, believed to be a part of a hunt on New Year's Eve in Driffield." "Officers from the wildlife crime team attended the Hempholme area around 12:50pm on the day" Both suspects are due to appear court on August...

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